Like many great entrepreneurs, our founder Aaron Hope’s experience and knowledge began from a young age under the skillful teachings of his grandfather; a seasonal electrical contractor of 42 years. He taught him the fundamental value of fairness, communication, quality and hard work; which to this day make up the very principles of our mission.

Industry knowledge, technology, and materials are always evolving, but the standards and qualities that make up the foundation of our company remain pertinent today as they did when Aaron’s grandfather started his company.

While completing his construction degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Aaron worked for Charles Perry Construction. After his graduation he continued his experience with Coastal Construction in Miami for 2 years, followed by 7 years with Turner Construction.

AMH Construction is a result of Aaron’s passion and commitment to conducting all business practices in a fair and ethical manner, and to providing clients with the finest craftsmanship and a personal experience. As our 12th year approaches, we are proud to be a family company grounded in hard work, integrity and trust.


The Hope Foundation

Just as his name promises, Aaron Hope, AMH’s founder and operator, established the Hope Foundation in 2016. What’s The Hope Foundation’s core goal? It’s simple; to make a difference. Aaron’s been known to have a big heart and with that comes the desire to do more. Since it’s start, we’ve supported causes from autism awareness, organic farming, childhood cancer, and most recently we’ve started the groundwork for rehabilitation program for homeless and disabled veterans.

It’s our “hope” that we can teach the 1000’s of homeless veterans and Wounded Warriors a life skill that can get them back on their feet, and working as a productive member of society. Throughout the 12-month program, our new apprentices will be provided with housing, clothing, and the necessary means to successfully complete the program. Graduates will be offered job placement with AMH Construction if they choose, as well as a letter of recommendation to send them out into the world. In addition to helping rehabilitate our Wounded Warriors, AMH wants to take it a step further and ensure that once our veterans are enabled and in their homes, we ensure that their home is a place of sanctuary.

Each of our veterans have overcome unique challenges, and many of them are left with lasting effects of their sacrifice that make it difficult to achieve the mundane tasks of everyday life. It’s our mission to make their homes as accessible and user-friendly as possible. If we can make even the smallest hurdles of their lives a bit easier, we want to make certain we do so.